Monday, July 6, 2009


Kiara, Jennifer, BrookeLyn, Jodie, and Kenadi


Myself, Les, and Kristy getting ready to eat. What we do BEST!

Leslie posing. Wish so badly she lived closer. :(

Nephew C.J. who I love. He is the sweetest. He's leaving in a month to go play football at Dixie college and then will serve a mission in December!!

Ryson and Ketner. Ryson always lets Ketner know that he's the fastest and the strongest, but Ketner always lets Ryson know that he will always be the tallest.


Baby Kenadi as everyone calls her. She wears the pants in this family!

Dang he's HANDSOME!

What a FUN weekend we had as a family. Lots and lots of cousins running around screaming, laughing, fighting, playing and just loved being together. We enjoyed watching softball games, playing at the park, swimming, parades, fireworks, and our most favorite~~ EATING! We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!!


Brannon and Leslie said...

So fun. I didn't even know you took those pictures. Work on getting Brannon a job up there. We had so much fun.