Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~Rocky Point~

BrookeLyn and Kenadi walking along the beach.

BrookeLyn getting buried in the sand

Our house that we stayed in with all 18 grand kids minus 2.

Nephews J.R. and J.T. Yes I know they're fine and they know it.

Brother Dustin, Brother in law Brannoon, and nephews.

Sister Cindy and baby Kenadi.

My beautiful mother who I love so dearly.

Kenadi smiling away for the camera.

My sisters and mom minus 2.

My Mom and Leslie posing for the camera. We don't like Les when it comes to pictures because she knows how to pose and we don't.

Ryson and Bryce feeding the birds.

Every year my family will take a trip together right before Christmas. I know it's not like we're already busy enough. This year we went to Rocky Point, Mexico and stayed in a 8 bedroom 7 bath house. It was so much fun. We had 32 family members there. We ate, shopped, went to the beach, laughed, cried, and ate some more. I think we all gained at least 5 pounds. We missed you Jac, Brig and Randy!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

~Busy, Busy Busy~

We have been going, going, going for the past 2 weeks to Christmas concerts, piano recitals and dance performances. BrookeLyn had her performance for jazz and ballet this past weekend. She's been moved up to a class with girls that are in High School. Her and her friend Macie are the only 2 girls that are in 4th grade. Pretty impressive and they think they are HOT stuff being in the older class. They did such a good job. I am so proud of BrookeLyn and how she's always pushing herself.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

~Hot Chocolate~

I think one of the best parts of Winter is having Hot Chocolate and toast. My kids love it and I think Kenadi likes it too! What do you think??